SS 23.400

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Thermal flow sensor for measurement in one or two directions of the flow velocity of air and gases with simultaneous detection of the flow direction. 

Extremely compact because electronics are integrated in the sensor tube. Sensor element located in the chamber head and protected against mechanical load. Linear analog output to indicate the measurement values, two switching outputs to output the flow direction and the signal of the threshold value. 
Can be locally configured via an integrated RS232 interface by means of a programming kit for Windows™ PC’s. 
When installed in a measuring tube, it is suitable for the measurement of the standard volumetric flow.

Application examples

  • Laminar-flow monitoring in cleanrooms
  • Monitoring of room cross-flow
  • Cooling air monitoring
  • Flow measurement in test benches
  • Mass flow and volume flow measurement
  • Use in potentially explosive areas due to gas (zone 2)

Product advantages

  • Bidirectional measurement
  • Precise detection of direction
  • Very low beginning of measuring range
  • Very fast response
  • No intrinsic safe power supply necessary
  • Easy single-hole mounting
  • Switching outputs
  • Self-monitoring
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